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 Funkus Returns!! An Update From The Band…

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Funkus Returns!! An Update From The Band…

01 Aug Posted by in News Blasts | Comments Off on Funkus Returns!! An Update From The Band…
Funkus Returns!!  An Update From The Band…

In an age before dinosaurs ruled the earth, an unlikely species of creature known only as “mankind” haunted the highways and byways of our planet, scooting hither and yon in a be-fumed chariot known as an “auto-mobile.”  What mankind sought, none now can know, but the fossil record indicates they had brains roughly the size of the smartest of all animals, our masters: the dolphins.

Some speculative anthropologists believe that man, just before his extinction at the hand of the striped boll weevil, actually co-existed with dinosaurs.  This graphical recreation (here-in represented for educational purposes only) shows the hirsute remnants of mankind, and a primitive dinosaur being hunted by one of their petroline chariots. 


There remains much debate over whether mankind co-existed with the dinosaur.  There can be little debate, however, that the samples of mankind represented here-above look fetching in blue and black.  I mean, that’s just obvious.

Regardless, let us altogether raise a clawed forefoot in gratitude that the mankind’s terror-filled era of hegemony was long ago put to an end (just after Funkus Brody’s 2nd album party), and that a brighter epoch awaits us.


 Theodore “Teddy” Rex, President of North American Chapter, D.A.P.M.G (Dinosauric Association for the Proselytization of Mammal Gobbling)


The letter above was found in a crumpled ball on the floor of this car…

Just me... driving into work.

…which I found under my shoeless foot as I was driving into Funkus HQ the other day.  I looked at it, thought to myself, “Why am I not wearing shoes?”, then threw it back to the floor and said aloud, “When is this &^% potion going to wear off?  This collar is really uncomfortable!”  which was followed, naturally, by a realization:  “Say…. it’s been a while since we’ve updated the Funkus blog!   Best get to it.”

Work continues apace towards completion of instrument recording here at Funkus HQ.  After a somewhat relaxing/stressful summer break – full of family vacations, weekend getaways, and one wonky knee (alas, Troy is back in physical therapy for his ongoing perplexing patella problems) – we’ve once again sunken our bathosphere into the ocean of recording… and the awesomeness that is Julio Berlingeri and his electrified-eel guitar, and the thunder-bass bends of Tim Steele!  Yes, final throes of instrument recording are in full swing, as we look forward to finishing up in August and September.  Swimming into the studio, we’re giddy to welcome back Mike Bellini and the teeth of his great white guitar, Lisa Fugit on checkerboard cichlid cello, and the silver dollar sounds of Jon Hegel’s saxaphone!

Whilst in this somnambulant aquatic recording realm we’ve seen many wild and peculiar beasts, including the rarely seen Getyofunkout, the many striped Fiestafunkifinius, and even peripherally the long-rumored thrice thumped Chunkabass.

Being animal-lovers, and more than a bit hungry, we naturally captured some of these specimens and promptly diced them up!  If you’d like to sample them, they will be available on our forth-coming sophomore album opus, assuming state regulations about importation of rare creatures does not in some way limit our ability to coat them with oil, drop them in bread crumbles, and fry them over a medium heat.

Mmmm, tasty!

What’s next , you say?  Why, we’ll be neck-deep in music editing, as well as writing and re-writing lyrics – and then it’s on to vocal recording!  Our Funkus sub is going strong – full steam ahead.  So check back soon for ongoing album updates, making-of videos, sing-a-longs, and book readings from the Files of Funkus Brody.

Thanks for reading dearest Funk-O-Fans, and “Keep Looking Up!” ™


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